Please list up to 10 of your best domains that you want to list on Brandcart. Please note that we prefer dot com domains. If you want us to review more than 10 domains then list the best 10 domains here and share the list of remaining domains at (All prices in USD only)
Please fill your personal information

We do not accept every type of domain on our Platform. Click here to register as a Seller and submit your domains (up to 10 at a time). You should list the domains that are in your direct control, and you have ownership of the same. Domains that have an expiry date within 3 months but have no intention to renew them should not be listed on our platform.

For a limited period, we are waiving off the standard US$10 Listing fee per year. Once your brand domain is listed for Free, it will continue to be listed for free until the domain is sold.

We have various criteria for accepting domain names on our platform; however, the following guidelines will help you to get started.

We are looking for short, catchy, meaningful domain names. Brandcart sells only Limited extensions of Domains and those domains which are highly brandable and are easily pronounced. 

Our end customers can be a startup, large organization or even a non-profit organization. Hence we like a wide variety of domain names to be made available on our platform. 

We do not accept domains which infringe on existing trademarks or which could be considered in bad faith.

We Love

  • 1. Dictionary words
  • 2. Short names (preferably one word)
  • 3. Trending industry words
  • 4. Words easy to remember or pronounce

We like

  • 1. More than one or two words combined together
  • 2. Alphanumeric names (like, etc)
  • 3. Easy to pronounce with good spelling
  • 4. TLDs other than .com such as .ai, .xyz

We don’t like

  • 1. Unregistered domains
  • 2. Names with hyphens unnecessarily
  • 3. Names violating trademarks
  • 4. Offensive and pornographic names
  • 5. Names with special characters or for a non-English audience

You should not submit:

1. Names that are explicitly “adult names”

2. Names negative to the sentiments of a country, religion or race or humanity           

3. Names that promote any political party or religious beliefs           

4. Names that are expired or under the delete/redemption process           

5. Names that are freely non-transferable or locked with the Domain registrarIt’s the sole discretion of Brandcart to accept or reject the domain names after considering various parameters, and Brandcart may or may not disclose the reasons for rejecting your listing request.

We accept few TLDs besides the most popular, .Com, .Net, .Org, .AI, .Co and .XYZ. We gradually plan to increase the number of Domain Extensions. Currently, the list of TLDs accepted by us is here. If you have any other TLDs that we don’t accept as yet, you can still submit them, but they will be published as and when we introduce new TLDs.

We receive several requests for domain listings from various sellers. We try to complete the evaluation of 10 domains (from each Seller) within 2-3 business days. Once we confirm the accepted domain names, we will notify the seller for the approval of the same by signing our Seller Agreement. Within 3-4 business days, the approved domain names from the seller will be published on our platform by collating the content, mockups, and Logo in appropriate categories under the selected collections. 

There’s no limit to the listing of your domain names on Brandcart; however, we are accepting only 10 domains per day from each seller. Even if the seller submits multiple domains, we will schedule an evaluation process restricting 10 domains per day from each seller. This is to provide quality time and screening of the domains and also ensure that many of the fellow sellers are supported each day as we receive the requests. 

We strongly recommend publishing your domain names on Brandcart. Even though we do not restrict the sellers, the buyers’ confidence will be shaken if you are found listing domains on various marketplace  vendors. When you list your domains on multiple websites you will lose privileged benefits from Brandcart in addition to increased commission structure. Premium/Ultra Premium and Moonshotter Names will only be accepted on an exclusive basis on Brandcart.

You can simply make a request to Brandcart Support seeking one or more domain names to be unlisted, and within 48 hours, the Names will be removed from the listing pages. You can revoke such a request anytime within the next six months.

An increase in Price or decrease can be requested by re-submitting or editing your submissions. However, the price increase or decrease should be in the acceptable range communicated to you at the first time of submission.

After evaluating the list of your domains submitted securely via our Platform, we suggest and recommend you to list your brand domain in various industry categories and collections such as Premium, Ultra-premium or Moonshotter. It is at the discretion of Brandcart to determine if your brand domain falls in the Premium, Ultra-Premium or Moonshotter category. We regularly follow industry trends and keep making revising the brand domains’ position and potential.

We run various analytics and garner insights to position your brand name automatically at the top of the search criteria if there’s any traction on your brand name from potential buyers. In future, we plan to introduce specialized marketing programs to help sellers navigate their domain names by subscribing to our Promotion Packages.

We have a team of expert domainers who check the quality of your domains on multiple factors such as the length of the name, keywords, dictionary meaning, spelling etc. We will give you a price range for each domain, and on that basis, you can choose any Sales (List) Price and Floor Price (Minimum acceptable Price). Floor Prices are not shown to the Customers, and only our Domainer Team will use such prices as the pre-approved leverage for negotiating with the Buyer on your behalf. Our ultimate endeavor is to offer higher ROI to our Domain Investors and greater value to our customers. We do not accept unrealistic or non-standard pricing (either too high or too low) for the domains to protect the interests of fellow domain investors listed on our platform and also keep the decorum of our Platform’s standard ethics and fair pricing policies. If you want to reduce your domain name pricing you can choose to offer one-time or time-bound discounts instead of reducing List Price.

Once your domain name is sold on our Platform, you will be notified by the system through Email. Your Domain name is automatically sold if the customer buys on the List price (without negotiation). It’s important to keep your domain name only if it’s not sold elsewhere and only if the domain name is in your control. 

We charge 12% on the standard domains pointed to our Name servers and pointed to (If your domain name is, then the URL shall be We charge 17% on the standard approved domain names not pointed to Brandcart and/or not having the name servers suggested by Brandcart. For premium domains and ultra-premium domain names, we charge 20% and 25%, respectively. For Moonshotter Brands without MVP shall be 25%, and with MVP (Minimum Viable Product built and curated by Brandcart) it will be 35%. 

You will receive the funds after the deduction of our standard commission and bank charges for Wire Transfer within 72 business hours after the domain transfer is complete with the buyer. In the case of the Escrow process, the payment will be released by Escrow as per their timelines. All payments exceeding US$5000 will be transferred via Wire Transfer only by Brandcart. Our Accounts Payable Team will contact you to double-check and verify your Bank details to ensure a smooth transaction.If you have opted for the “lease to own”, i.e. flexible payment model of equal instalments over a period, you will be paid every month as per the buyer’s contract. If the buyer stops payment consecutively for three months, your domain (under security with Brandcart) will be relisted on the Brandcart platform, and the buyer shall not be able to use your domain leased out.

Under the Lease to Own (also known as the Flexible Payment Model) model, once the customer makes the first instalment, you will transfer the Domain Name to Brandcart to act as your agent. Brandcart will only change the nameservers to facilitate the buyer for using the domain under the lease contract. We will transfer the Domain name to the buyer after completing all the instalments (disbursed to you) in a timely fashion. The domain name shall be in the custody of Brandcart until all the payments are received from the buyer. 

Lease to Own (LTO) is as good as the Domain sold permanently, and you can’t retract from the sale (whether it’s Lease to Own or outright sale). The only caveat is that if the buyer fails to make the monthly or quarterly payments under Lease to Own contract consecutively for three months, or one-quarter payment, the Lease to Own (LTO) contract with the Buyer will be automatically cancelled. Your domain name under our control and custody shall be transferred back to you, and your domain name will be re-listed on the Brandcart Platform. When you have sold your domain outrightly or through Lease to Own model, you will not solicit any business to sell the domain under any circumstances. If you are not sure of honoring Lease to Own commitment, please only list your domain for Outright sale.

Absolutely you can complete outright sales and Sales on Instalments through Escrow initiated by Brandcart, and all the commission and transaction charges involving will be borne by the Seller.

Domains, once sold, are sold forever, and your domain, once sold/transferred, shall not be claimed unless the buyer is interested in reselling the domain back to you. Brandcart plays no role in such reverse transactions. At Brandcart, we are also extremely careful about our reputation as a trusted branding platform for sellers, buyers and the community. 

Yes, we provide Invoices for every sale that we have conducted on behalf of our seller. If the Domain name is sold to a customer outside of India, there is no VAT or GST applicable as per billing from India. However, if the Domain Name is sold to an Individual or Company based out of India, we will charge 18% GST on the Domain name’s Final Sale Price. Companies can claim 100% GST Input if their GST registration allows the same. VAT and GST, if charged, will be paid by the Buyer and Seller’s profit is not compromised.

Our Transfer Center completely handles the domain transfers for free of cost on your behalf, and if the domain name is sold via Escrow or third-party agents, then the domain transfer assistance (monitoring) will be provided by Brandcart. Sellers are advised to unlock their domain name and provide us “the authorization code” securely upon the sale of a domain name on our platform. We provide the authorization code to the buyer only after securing the payment and verifying the payment. We will do the final payout to the seller after ensuring that the domain name is safely secured and transferred to the account of the Buyer.

Domain transfers fail if the domain registrar has locked your domain or the seller has not unlocked the domain or provided an Authorization code that is incomplete or wrong. Additionally, the domains under the redemption/delete process may not be transferred at all. Domain transfer also fails if the Seller has not approved the “Transfer out” promptly with his/her Domain Registrar or if the buyer has not accepted the domain name into his/her domain registrar account.If the domain transfer fails we will make another attempt by securing a new Authorization code from the Seller after correcting any anomalies.

Once your domain name is sold on our platform, as per the terms and conditions of the Seller Agreement, you will have an obligation to transfer the domain name to the buyer using our Transfer Center Service. Brandcart acts as the Intermediary agent until the transfer is completed to protect the interests of the buyer and seller. If you do not transfer the domain name to the buyer after it’s sold, your account will be blocked and deleted subsequently at your cost and consequences. We will also delist your brand names from all of our associate listing sites and platforms permanently.

All the domains sold on the Brandcart platform are verified by the Accounts Receivable Team and Specialists, who verify the payment as genuine. Our 24x7 Support Specialists will coordinate with sellers and buyers for the smooth transfer of the domain name using our secure “Transfer Center” operations.

Yes, you can provide your logo; however, the same shall be checked for any trademark infringement. Publishing your own logo may take a while before we complete the process of listing your domain name on our platform. Since Brandcart promises a Free logo to the customer, you give an undertaking not to charge for the logo, and your logo must meet our requirements, such as the logo should be created in AI Files and should be downloadable without changing the style and pattern by our UX/Design team.

Yes, you can use the Brandcart Communication Platform. We will communicate with you the price customer is asking for and help both parties to negotiate the price. We relay the messages keeping the customer anonymous and private. On your behalf, Brandcart will be communicating with the customer.

If you have more questions, please go through the terms & conditions on Brandcart. If your questions are not covered in the FAQ section or our terms and conditions, please contact Brandcart with your specific queries.