Before naming your venture or a product/service, help us understand the core values of the brand and how your brand should resonate with the audience. What industry do you operate and are there any first letter(s) of a brand is important to you? Finally, how do you want to differentiate from the rest, and who will be your competitors and customers? Do you have any preference for a particular Domain Extension or brand attribute such as “dictionary word, single word, acronym etc? If you have answers for the same, search on our Platform keeping in mind those brand characteristics.

Identify a few brand domains on our Platform and shortlist them as your first choice, second choice or third choice as per your budget and other criteria. Usually, every brand domain (on a particular brand extension is unique). For example, if your available domain is unique but someone registers Shopanything. XYZ, the brand name, is no longer unique. It’s important to secure primary domain extension as unique, further differentiating with Logo/emblem, brand positioning, and Ownmark (or trademark).  Click here to check if the same brand is registered as a trademark in your industry/class, business services/goods and in your region. For example, Shopanything is a registered trademark on class 42 dealing in IT Outsourcing/Staffing Services in the North American market, your brand can still be ShopAnything under Class 35, providing web services or commerce shopping. Contact us at ownmark for a detailed Ownmark service tool kit after identifying three to four brand names on our platform. 

Each domain comes with a list of brand attributes such as the brand name’s meaning, description of the brand name, and brand root i.e., how the brand name was invented. In addition, other brand characteristics are also provided, such as how the brand name is a right fit for a particular industry vertical or business, and how the brand name is spelt and pronounced with 1 to 3+ syllables. All the domains also come with Brand visual mockups, unique logos, prices, and payment terms. You can complete all the primary research on one page where the brand name is displayed. Additionally, we also offer brand-related stats such as the Brandcart’s assessed market cap, google search results, cost per click (CPC), and Search Volume Forecast. We plan to introduce BrandXQ for each domain shortly.

Considering three to five domains by searching on our platform and presenting to our Brand Experts is the first step.Brandcart also has more than 20,000 domains that are still not listed on the platform due to privacy and confidentiality. Our Direct Sales Consultants set up an appointment with you to discuss your branding requirements and brainstorm internally with industry veterans and branding experts. Our brand experts can discuss including other brand advisory services such as Audience Testing, Trademark Search, and Ownmark Research to present a domain that’s unique and highly brandable.

On every domain sales showcase page, you will find a "Buy Now" button and an “Offer” button. If you don’t want to miss the domain, as simultaneously multiple customers are also searching for the same domain, you can instantly buy. If you want to offer a price and wait for Brandcart to reply to you, you can submit it by clicking the “offer” button. If you want to buy on Instalments, you can select the drop-down and complete the purchase of a domain. We accept all credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers for up to US$ 4999. However, we only accept Bank Transfer payments for domains that are above US$ 5000. Before making an offer or buying, you need to register/log in, and if you are not logged in then our system will automatically register your account during the checkout process. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed to be safe and secure.

We prefer outright purchase; however, some domain sellers are open to offering in monthly or quarterly instalments for about 2 years. The payment Plan is at the sole discretion of Brandcart’s platform seller. Please complete your purchase by selecting the payment plan, and you will receive a confirmation within 72 hours from Brandcart Domain Team. 

We will accept a delay of one payment delinquency for up to 14 days and after which the domain will be de-activated from your servers, and you will not be able to use the domain name for your website or emails.If you want to reinstate the domain on your name servers you will be required to clear outstanding dues with a penal fee of US$500. It’s important to honor all the payments in instalments as per the due date specific to your contract. After 30 days from the date of delinquency, the domain name will be relisted for sale, and Brandcart shall not offer a Payment plan in Instalments to the previous buyer who was delinquent. Brandcart or its Platform Seller is not responsible for any loss arising out of the non-availability of the website, or emails due to the defaulting buyer’s very own actions. 

Yes absolutely. You can pay the remaining instalments in one go, and after the receipt of the balance payment, we shall initiate the domain transfer to your preferred choice of the domain registrar, and your name servers will not be changed by us during the transfer process.

Domain purchase is not complete until your payment is verified by our Accounts Payable Team, and further, the domain purchase is subject to the acceptance of the Seller on the Platform. We offer a 99% guarantee however, if some sellers on our platform still keep the already sold domains (through other channels), we will have to decline the purchase order. In such cases, a 100% refund of payment (if received) will be given back to the Buyer. At times, we will not be able to complete the domain purchase process due to the reseller on our platform not agreeing to payments in instalments. 

All online domain confirmations are quick and take less than 48-72 hours before we proceed further with Domain Transfer Process through Transfer Center. It’s always important for the buyer to complete the payments quickly online or via bank transfers so that there’s no duplicate purchase simultaneously happening on our platform or on the platforms where the seller has listed the same domain name.Domain names are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and we (or payment partners such as Escrow) shall not be able to hold domain names until the payment is received in our bank account or Escrow account on our behalf.

Escrow is a legal concept describing a financial agreement whereby an asset or money is held by a third party on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction. For more information, visit, our partner for processing the transactions smoothly. If the buyer initiates the transaction through Escrow, then, the buyer shall pay all the Escrow processing fees. If the seller initiates through Escrow, then all the Escrow processing charges will be borne by the seller. Brandcart shall not bear the processing fees that are due to Escrow and shall not reduce its own commission structure because of Escrow’s involvement.

Our prices are always fixed, and if there are any discounts offered, the same will be displayed on the platform. From time to time, Sellers on our platform may accept fair offers or participate in negotiations. The customers can choose to buy or make offers which are subject to acceptance by Brandcart or its sellers. During the interim period of making an offer or giving counter to the offer or the acceptance of the offer (by Brandcart or its sellers), if the domain is purchased by some other party, Brandcart or its sellers are not responsible. Because domains on our platform are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

We offer brand domains suitable for over 52+ industry verticals; these include short one-word domains, 1 to 3-letter domains, dictionary word domains, and premium and ultra-premium domains. Selectively some Moonshotter domain brands are also for sale. We have domains available in 30 domain extensions ranging from US$ 500 to US$ 3 Million. 

Domain transfers begin immediately after collecting the Payment from the customers. Usually, the domain transfers depend upon the registrar’s policy. If the Domain Name is registered with Godaddy and you have an account with Godaddy, then the transfer happens in less than three days. Usually, Domain transfers take about 7 business days. Once the domain transfer begins, you can track the progress of the domain transfer through our Transfer Center.

Brandcart platform is highly secure and robust, powered by a leading Commerce Platform. Your payments are accepted through Credit Card, and we do not store your credit card or CVV. Even in the case of flexible payment plans, we do not store your credit card. We also follow the global standards of GDPR and secure payment gateway policies. 

You will receive domain names from your choice of domain registrar, such as Godaddy, Porkbun, Dynadot, Network Solutions, etc. You must have your account with one of the domain registrars, and if you do not have an account with the Domain Registrar, you can easily sign-up for a new account easily and quickly in minutes. In addition to the domain name transferred to your account, you will receive

>A Brand logo kit from Logonama (for orders of US$1000 or above)

>Brand mockup kit for your use (for orders of US$1000 or above)

>Free Technical Support until the domain is transferred

>One year of Domain Monitoring Service (for orders of US$1000 or above)

Yes you can order trademark and Ownmark services at by contacting them. Ownmark is an associate and group business of Virtuos Digital, the parent company of Brandcart. Trademark Registration for US$ is US$500 + USPTO charges for each class. Trademark registrations for other countries in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and India are also provided by Ownmark. Please contact Ownmark for more information.

Domain registrars are the companies that have been licensed by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to register domain names and keep renewing them. You can go to to find the registrar who registers or renews a specific domain extension (such as .com, .xyz, .net, .org, .ai)  for registration at cheaper rates. Brandcart has partnerships with Godaddy, Porkbun, Dynadot and Netim and finds most of its sellers have an account with them.

We are extremely sorry, we are unable to provide refunds and exchanges after an order has been placed and/or the domain is transferred. Unlike tangible goods, digital assets are non-refundable. The only exception to this policy is if we fail to initiate the domain name transfer within 14 business days from the time of purchase. To avoid an unsatisfactory situation, we recommend that the highest level of diligence be performed prior to placing an order. We are here to answer any and all questions that arise during this process. You can validate your purchase decision after carefully reviewing the brand name, its logo and fitment for your industry. We have provided exhaustive brand visuals, mockups, descriptions and logos to ensure that you are buying the brand name after careful evaluation.

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