How Brandparker delivers power to your Domain Brand and helps you develop backlinks.

Typical Parking services in the context of domain names are services that allow domain owners to monetize their unused or undeveloped domain names. Here's how parking services can benefit domain name owners:

  • Monetization: Domain parking services typically display ads on parked domains. When visitors click on these ads, the domain owner earns revenue.
  • Professional Look: If you haven't developed a website for your domain yet, parking services can offer a more professional placeholder page than a default "This domain is for sale" or a blank page.
  • Lead Generation: If you plan to sell your domain name, some domain parking services offer features where interested parties can contact you directly through the parked page.
  • Domain Analytics: These services often provide analytics for domain owners, such as the number of visitors, their geographic location, and more. This information can be valuable for determining the domain's potential value or how to develop it in the future.
  • Easy Setup: For domain owners who are not tech-savvy, parking services offer an easy way to set up a temporary web page without the need for web hosting or design skills.
  • SEO Benefits: Even if minimal, a parked domain that generates some traffic and clicks can have a bit of search engine presence, which might be beneficial if you decide to develop the domain later.
  • Prevent Domain Squatting Misuse: By parking a domain, you ensure that it isn't being misused by others. This is particularly useful if you're safeguarding a domain related to your brand or business.
  • Deterrence: A parked domain that looks professional and has some activity (like ad clicks) might deter others from cybersquatting on similar domain names.

However, it's also worth noting the potential downsides or criticisms of Classic domain parking:

  • Perceived as Cybersquatting: Some view domain parking as a form of cybersquatting, especially if the domain is similar to a brand or trademark and is held only to be sold at an inflated price.
  • Lost Branding Opportunity: If you own a domain related to your brand, leaving it parked can be a missed opportunity to build and strengthen your brand online.
  • Possible SEO Downside: If a domain is parked for a very long time and then later developed into a legitimate website, it might take some time to shed the "parked domain" reputation with search engines.
  • Limited Earnings: While you can earn money from parked domains, the revenue is typically low unless the domain gets a significant amount of traffic.

To sum up, domain parking services can be beneficial for domain owners looking to monetize or maintain their unused domains. However, the decision to use such services should be based on the specific goals and needs of the domain owner.

Presenting Brandparker Service with Custom Pages.

Brandparker Custom pages on domains can serve multiple purposes, both in terms of security and in terms of SEO (including backlink generation). Here's a breakdown of how:

    • Branding and Authenticity: When you put up a custom page, even if it's just a simple landing page, it gives the domain an identity. This branding can deter domain squatters or phishers from imitating or misusing your domain, as it shows that the domain is active and managed.
  • Backlink Opportunities:
      • Content: If your custom page contains valuable content, other websites might link to it naturally.
      • Engaging Tools or Resources: If you offer a tool, resource, or engaging piece of content, it can attract backlinks.
      • Partnerships: Having a custom page allows for partnerships with other websites, businesses, or bloggers, which can lead to mutual backlink opportunities.
      • Domain Market Cap: With a lot of backlinks your Domains become an important asset. For example a domain “” has been sold for over US$20,000 in open auction at Godaddy because of its backlinks.

    • User Engagement: Even if your main site is still under development, a custom page can provide essential information, updates, or offers. Engaging your audience early can foster trust and anticipation.
    • Contact Information: A custom page can offer a means for visitors to get in touch. This can be especially important if you're planning to sell the domain, or if you want to get feedback or inquiries from potential stakeholders.
    • SEO Presence: By setting up a custom page with relevant content, you can start indexing the site on search engines. This early SEO footprint can help when you fully develop the site later.
    • Avoiding Penalties: An active custom page, especially one with original content, is viewed more favorably by search engines compared to parked domains with generic advertisements. This can protect your domain from potential search engine penalties associated with parked or spammy domains.
    • Internal Linking and Future Development: If you plan to develop multiple pages or a full website in the future, your custom page can act as a foundation. As you expand, you can use this page for internal linking, which can enhance SEO and user navigation.
    • Affiliate Marketing: Even if you don't have your own products or services, your custom page can include affiliate links, which can be another source of revenue and another form of backlinking.

    To maximize these benefits, Brandparker ensures that your custom pages are well-designed, mobile-responsive, and provide valuable content or resources for visitors. The goal is to offer real value, so you attract genuine backlinks and establish trust with visitors. Brandparker comes with creative content from our Contentare teams applying modern UX Design principles and authentic themes for your Brand Domain.