How Ownmark helps Brands to build reputation and protect Intellectual Property (IP)

Ownmark Brand protection services help ensure that your brand's reputation, intellectual property (IP), and customer trust aren't compromised by unauthorized uses or imitations. As brands expand, especially into online markets, the risk of infringement, counterfeiting, and brand misuse grows.

Here are some brand protection services and considerations if you're thinking about engaging an agency:

Brand Protection Services:

  • Trademark Registration and Monitoring: Ensuring your brand name, logo, and other key brand elements are trademarked in all relevant markets. Once registered, use monitoring services to watch for infringements.
  • Domain Monitoring and Management: These services watch for domain names that are similar to yours and could be used for cybersquatting, phishing, or counterfeit sales.
  • Online Marketplace Monitoring: Monitoring e-commerce sites and online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba for counterfeit goods or unauthorized sellers.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Watching for brand misuse, counterfeit promotions, or unauthorized accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Search Engine Monitoring: Monitoring search engine ads and SEO results to ensure no one is using your brand name or terms improperly.
  • Anti-counterfeiting Solutions: This includes the use of holograms, QR codes, and other proprietary technologies to mark genuine products and differentiate them from fakes.
  • Digital Takedown Services: Once infringing content is identified, these services help in issuing takedown notices or working with platforms to remove counterfeit listings or infringing content.
  • Legal Enforcement: Engaging legal teams for cease and desist actions or pursuing legal action against persistent or large-scale infringers.
  • Supply Chain Audits: Ensuring that your supply chain is secure and not leaking products that could be sold as unauthorized gray market goods.
  • Consumer Awareness Campaigns: Educating your consumers about genuine products and how to identify fakes.

Why Ownmark (Part of Vedam Digital Agency)

  • Expertise: At Vedam/Ownmark we have specialized knowledge and tools tailored to brand protection, ensuring a comprehensive approach.
  • Cost-Effective: It might be more cost-effective than developing an in-house team, especially for businesses that aren't large enough to warrant a dedicated brand protection department.
  • Global Reach: We have international networks, which is essential for brands selling in multiple countries or regions.
  • Regular Reports: Ownmark will provide regular updates and reports on potential infringements and actions taken.
  • Customized Solutions: Based on the nature of your brand and products, we can tailor their approach to best suit your needs.
    Contract Clarity: At Ownmark we provide the scope of work, responsibilities, reporting frequency, and all the costs are clearly outlined in the annual contract or agreement.

In today's digital age, brand protection is crucial. Ownmark (associate of Brandcart) can be a valuable partner, but even if you go it alone, utilizing a mix of the services mentioned above is essential to ensure your brand's integrity, reputation, and value are maintained.