A few of the business names incubated at Brandcart, and we are proud of these companies who chose a brand name that resonates with their business profile. We wish all of them to become “unicorns” soon.

Our Happy Customers..

Stephen Maisonet

"It was wonderful doing business with Brandcart. Congratulations CXSummit.com is now in Sedo’s account! Thank you!"

- Stephen Maisonet (Sedo)

Tony Farwell

"It was a wonderful experience acquiring “experiencenow.com” from Brandcart. All the best in your endeavors."

- Tony Farwell

Founder of ExperienceNow, Inc.


"Even though there was the domain was mistakenly priced low, the Brandcart team was thoroughly professional, and honored their contract in transferring greatindia.com promptly. "

Karam - Senior Transfer Specialist


Michelle Tu

"We brokered high-value three-letter domains with Brandcart. It was a wonderful experience doing business with them. "

- Michelle Tu (GoDaddy | Domain Specialist)

Jitender Maurya

"Brandcart is the Branding Platform for futuristic high-technology and AI-based domains. I am quite excited to do business with them."

- Jitender Maurya (Domain Seller)

Dr Matt Gibson

"We changed our iconic company’s URL from thinkfour.org.uk to thinkfour.com, Thank you, Brandcart."

- Dr Matt Gibson (CEO of ThinkFour)

Godaddy Broker

"We worked with Brandcart in brokering “CloudV.com” for a five-figure price and helped “CloudVapes” to position CloudV as the flagship brand."

- Godaddy Broker

Priscilla Jiminian

"It was a great pick from Brandcart, and we acquired skinergy.com (to replace the previous domain skinergybeauty.com)."

- Priscilla Jiminian (CEO, Skinergy Beauty)


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